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Jaffa is the UK’s leading citrus brand. We provide you with juicy and refreshing Jaffa oranges, easy peelers and seedless lemons year-round and Jaffa Giant easy peelers and Jaffa Reds when they’re in season.

You can also find Jaffa Candyfloss grapes in stores. 

Find out more about the seasonality and varieties we use in the Jaffa range.

We partner with some of the UK’s leading sports teams to bring #JaffaJoy to their supporters at their tournaments and through their social media channels. 

We’re also passionate about doing our bit to support local communities to live healthier and happier lives. 


Healthy Start to the year

An indulgent December, a disinclination to be outside in the cold, and a lack of daylight hours all conspire to leave us feeling a little under par.

That is just the call to action we need to bring you our top 10 tips for a healthy start to the year, or Jaffanuary as we like to call it.