What is Jaffa Joy? | Jaffa Fruit

What is Jaffa Joy?

We work closely with our sporting partners, Leicester Tigers, every day to spread #JaffaJoy.

Our #JaffaJoy campaign is all about being happy, healthy, and honest. 

Happy, healthy and honest are Jaffa’s core values. We think they’re a pretty good set of values to live our lives by!

Happy – we strive to deliver zesty, happy #JaffaJoy to our customers and partners at home and on the go.

Healthy – we encourage a healthy lifestyle and respect for our planet. Jaffa citrus and grapes are delicious and healthy fruits and we work hard to play our part in protecting our planet through our ‘Doing Our Bit’ initiatives.

Honest – We take our job as the UK’s original citrus brand very seriously. We do our very, honest best to ensure every Jaffa eating experience is a joyful one.

Keep reading to find out more about how we spread the #JaffaJoy through our partnership with Leicester Tigers and through our Show Us Your Jaffas campaign.