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Dev Griffin Highlights Jaffa & FareShare Partnership

Jaffa has teamed up with FareShare (UK’s largest charity fighting hunger and food waste), and Heart FM DJ and Strictly Come Dancing celebrity Dev Griffin, to raise awareness of surplus food going to waste and increasing numbers of individuals and families at risk of hunger.

The campaign becomes more significant as the academic year comes to a close, with some children facing up to six weeks of ‘Holiday Hunger’.  

‘I am fortunate to be working with Jaffa and FareShare to raise awareness around the importance of avoiding food going to waste. Over 2 million tonnes of good-to-eat food is wasted across the UK each year; enough to provide 1.3 billion meals. This campaign is a key tool in highlighting the work that goes on, along with what more needs to be done with regards to the redistribution of surplus food to help those in need across all of society.’ 

Dev Griffin

The campaign sees Dev front a series of short films that showcase the work done by FareShare alongside their partners and distribution network. This work results in the volunteer communities getting food onto the plates of those who need it most.

Added FareShare spokesperson

The FareShare organisation distributed 132 million meals in the past year. Jaffa continues to support the initiative with monetary contributions along with an on-pack awareness campaign that can be seen across the brands range throughout Tesco stores nationwide.

Added campaign ambassador Dev Griffin:

‘Holiday hunger is a problem that has haunted the UK for generations. With the safety net of school meals removed throughout academic holidays, large numbers of children in the UK face the daunting prospect of going hungry for prolonged periods of time.  

However, food poverty is not just an issue that affects children. Young and old, families and individuals nationwide are struggling on a daily basis. 

Working alongside Jaffa and FareShare we hope to raise awareness of this issue to the wider society – in the hope of raising funds and attracting volunteers to aid the eradication of this issue.’

Further campaigns are planned later in the year to continue raising the awareness of FareShare’s work and Jaffa’s ongoing support of the initiative.

If you are able to support FareShare’s initiatives and charities across the UK, you can visit their website and either volunteer or donate to help fight food poverty.