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Easter Fun with Jaffa


We all have our fingers crossed for some blissful spring days in the sunshine this Easter, don’t we? Or at least some dry days please!

And with the children off school with endless energy for two weeks (perhaps fuelled by a little too much chocolate) we are all grateful for a few ideas to keep them occupied.

With that in mind we have some fun ideas for you that will have them shouting “Again! Again!” that are simple to set up, brilliant fun and don’t cost a penny (well maybe just a couple of pennies).

Scouts Fun and Games

As part of our partnership, Jaffa teamed up with Scouts to create some brilliant games for the Beavers Health and Fitness Badge which you can find here. You don’t need to be a Scout to enjoy the fun, just buddy up with a few other children in your garden or at the park. Before you know it everyone will want to join in.


If it is a warmer day these Skipping Skills games are hilarious particularly when some cups of water involved. The temptation to throw water around will be strong but the incentive to keep it in the cup will be stronger particularly if a prize is on offer!

Another game that will certainly get them burning off some energy is the Heart Rate Game which can be played in the garden with some make-shift obstacles. So prop up the broom (limbo anyone?), mark out some hoops, flower pots for cones and have a healthy heart competition.

Sadly we all know how fickle spring can be in the UK so be prepared with some activities to keep them amused on a cooler or wetter day when the indoors is more appealing than out.


Can you imagine creating a fruit creature? Let their creative juices flow by designing a monster, a robot or a dinosaur, and then let them make it out of fruit! This game explains how, and has the added advantage of introducing children to some fruit or vegetables that they may not have experienced before in a fun way. Please do share your fruit creatures with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by the way! We would love to see them.

Explore some Gymnastics Resources

We are brand partners of the World Gymnastics Championships Liverpool 2022 and when they told us about these educational resources we couldn’t help but explore. There are videos to watch, maths problems to solve and reading and writing activities too from Early years right through to Key Stage 3. You don’t need to be a gymnast to test your brain on these activities either, although be prepared for a new interest to be developed as a result.

Making and Baking

Finally who isn’t a fan of a bit of making and baking in the kitchen?

We hope you know us well enough to have explored and tried some our Jaffa fruit recipes already but how about introducing your children to some simple bakes as well.

carrot cake muffins

Your morning coffee or afternoon tea will be grateful you tried these Jaffa Carrot Cake Muffins. Get the children to grate the carrots and juice the orange for you, and they will love decorating them once they have cooled down too.


Another favourite is our Jaffa Chocolate orange Popcorn bars. Versatile enough to tweak the recipe based on what you have in the cupboard, easy enough for little hands to mix the ingredients together and handy enough to wrap and take on a day out.


The only thing that remains for us to say is that Jaffa Easy Peelers are the difference between a hangry child and one that has spoiled their lunch so don’t forget to stock up before and during the Easter holidays.

We hope you have a fun-filled Easter and don’t forget to tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter while you are out and about enjoying your adventures and we may have a few Tesco vouchers to give away to our favourite photos!