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Homemade Christmas Food Gifts from Jaffa

Show them your love with a gift that warms the heart — and the tummy this year!

A gift that you have put time and effort into will be appreciated more and for longer than something that is just convenient, and importantly it doesn’t have to be expensive. With just some kitchen cupboard ingredients you can make a beautiful gift that will be gratefully received and enjoyed by your friends and family this Christmas.

We have brought together some deliciously tasty ideas for your homemade food gifts that cater to all tastes, including Chocolate Orange Truffles , Jaffa Orange and Cranberry Panettoni and some moreish Jaffa Orange and Cranberry Cookies.

Chocolate Orange Truffles

Truffles_324 RESIZED

The truffles are ridiculously easy to make! If you can melt chocolate, you can make these truffles. Once the basic truffles are ready you can be as adventurous as your culinary skills permit. We suggest coating them in chocolate and then sprinkling them with Jaffa orange zest. A simpler idea is to roll the basic truffle in cocoa powder or icing sugar for an elegant finish. Another suggestion is to roll your truffles in toasted desiccated coconut or roasted and finely chopped hazelnuts. You could do some of each giving you a homemade selection box! What other flavour combinations can you invent?

Jaffa Orange and Cranberry Panettoni

Panettoni_317 RESIZE

Our recipe for Jaffa Orange and Cranberry Panettoni takes a little more time in order to make and prove the enriched dough, However the end results are well worth the wait! We particularly like the individual size of these panettoni and the tin can that you bake them in can be decorated once they are cool to add the finishing touch.

Jaffa Orange and Cranberry Cookies

Orange and Cranbery Cookies_311 RESIZED

We have to confess to a problem with our final food gift recipe. These Jaffa Orange and Cranberry Cookies are so delicious you have to make double the amount so you can keep some for yourself! You have been warned!

We do actually suggest making them in a nice big batch because these cookies are ideal Thank You Teacher gifts for Christmas, perfect to take to a friend’s, or a “just because” treat.

Finally it all comes down to how your homemade gifts are wrapped.

Packaging christmas present handmade gift boxes decorated with silver paper with dried orange slices

You can package your homemade treats simply as in a brown paper bag adding decorative embellishments of dried Jaffa orange slices and sticks of cinnamon. If you have time, look for a decorative glass jar from a local charity shop, or wash one out at home, adding your own personal decorative touches. We hope this inspires you to make some homemade food gifts this year which we would love to see in our social media news feeds so please do tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.