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Jaffa Summer Coolers

When the sun shines, it’s time to break out the Jaffas for a juicy, hydrating and satisfying snack that the whole family will enjoy.

But why not take your Jaffas up a level and incorporate them into your drinks and ices for extra cooling power, a shot of vitamin C, and ticking off one or two of your five-a-day too?

We know we recommend keeping your Jaffa fruit in the fridge to preserve them for longer, however oranges are definitely more flavoursome when they are eaten at room temperature. The only exception is when you are going to add your Jaffas to drinks and ice lollies to cool off, in which case you are going to want them chilled!

We have picked some of your favourite drinks and ices recipes from the Jaffa collection so why not treat the family today to something a little different and if you are feeling creative, you can inspire us with your own versions. Go ahead and share them on your social accounts and tag us in your posts because we especially like to see how adventurous you are with your Jaffa fruit.

Ice Ice Baby

Let’s start with our ice lollies, and one that takes the natural sweetness of Juicy Jaffa Oranges and adds only a small sprig of rosemary and a slice of an easy peeler for a super refreshing pick me up. This Jaffa cooler doesn’t use any additional sugar so is a nice healthy ice lolly particularly for children. Top tip, dunk the lolly moulds in warm water for a few seconds when you remove them from the freezer so they come out nice and easily.

Another recipe that is a definite crowd pleaser is our Jaffa Orange Yoghurt Fruit Pops. The smooth yoghurt and hint of vanilla go so well with the tangy Jaffa orange juice and are a healthier substitute for a sickly sweet ice cream.

If you are looking for an iced pudding that can be scooped either into a cornet or to have as a summer dessert, why not try our Jaffa Orange Sorbet recipe. It is deceptively easy to make without any of the faff of churning ice cream. The recipe uses some of the orange rind too adding an extra zesty tang which goes so well with a sprig or two of mint. We can’t think of anything else that is more refreshing!

Except perhaps for a Jaffa Slushy!

Sip Sip Hooray

A Jaffa Slushy uses easy peelers, seedless lemons and mint blitzed together with some water and lots of ice. It could not be more simple to make, and nothing is as satisfying when the temperature starts to soar! It’s sugar free too so perfect for children.

What isn’t perfect for children are these two lovely cocktails. If you like your cocktail a little sweeter try the Jaffa Bahama Mama, taking our Juicy Jaffa oranges, and adding pineapple juice, banana liqueur with rum, but you may have to imagine a tropical beach to drink it on.

A cocktail with a drier flavour is our Jaffa Lemon Gin Fizz. Have we mentioned our lemons are seedless? So no faffing to fish out any pips with this one, just super sharp and refreshingly lemony!

We hope this list of summer coolers inspires you and entices you outdoors on sunny days. How else are you planning on keeping cool this summer? If the answer is sitting in a paddling pool while sipping a Jaffa Slushy, we are right with you!

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Keep cool 😊