What is the Alizza Fruit? | Jaffa Fruit

What is the Alizza Fruit?

Welcome the new Queen of citrus – The Alizza Fruit!

The new seasonal member to the Jaffa family of fruits, the Alizza Fruit, marries the appearance and citrus notes of the grapefruit with the sweet juiciness of the tangerine, creating a taste-bud tingling fruit perfect for the breakfast table.

It is seedless, easily peeled and bursting with juice meaning it can be served in a multitude of ways creating a different take on the fruit for breakfast every day of the week.

Cut in half and squeezed, one Alizza fruit makes a perfect glass full of tangy, yet sweet, juice to accompany your toast and marmalade. If a fruity cocktail is more your thing, save one for this evening and add it to your favourite cocktail replacing orange juice for a different citrussy flavour. Cheers!

Jennifer and Jessica Gadirova enjoy Jaffa Alizza Fruit

As the skin is easily peeled, the Alizza Fruit can be simply served as a snack on it’s own – so much sweeter than a grapefruit so no tartness to content with. Add peeled segments to a fruit bowl with a dollop of Greek yoghurt and how about a spoonful of granola sprinkled on top? Sounds like a great way to set you up for the day.

The Alizza Fruit so closely resembles a grapefruit from the outside, you could easily be tempted to just slice the fruit in half and tuck in, which is perfectly acceptable by the way! Dip your spoon in and enjoy but you may want to lighten up on your traditional spoon of sugar as the fruit is much sweeter than you will be used to with a grapefruit.

Looking for a different garnish for your drinks? Slice up your Alizza Fruit and add to your favourite tipple or just plain old water! Slices look very effective on your dinner plate too. We are thinking we will try adding a slice to the top of some baked fish to add a hint of citrus and colour to the dish.

The Alizza Fruit may be new to you, but we highly recommend seeking them out in Tesco’s next time you pop in and let us know how you eat yours! Just post a photo on social media tagging Jaffa Fruit and adding #AlizzaFruit to your posts so we spot it.

So go ahead and enjoy the Alizza Fruit while it is in season!