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Jaffa Embraces Autumn

There is no denying that Autumn has arrived in the UK.

Trees are starting to turn, evenings are drawing in and the temperature is definitely hinting at the need for more layers.

On the harshest of Autumn days who would blame you for snuggling down, re-reading the little book of hygge and wait for Spring. But on those gorgeous bright (dry) Autumn days letโ€™s wrap up, pack a flask and get out and explore.

The benefits of fresh air, natural light and exercise are very well documented, and in winter, when natural light is at a premium, getting out as much as you can really help your mood. Vitamin D anyone? As a side note, consuming foods that are high in vitamin c, like citrus fruits, help the body absorb vitamin D.

Beth Cobden Photo credit – Getty Images

We asked some Jaffa friends how they will be spending Autumn and we were very pleased to hear from Rob Oliver, Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Canoeing Bronze Medallist and 2021 ICF World Championships Silver Medallist and Beth Cobden from Vitality Roses Netball.

Where are your favourite places to visit in Autumn?

Rob: Itโ€™s been a challenging year of training focusing on the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, travelling, and then the stress of catching Covid and the fear of not being able to compete. But I was fortunate enough to win a Paralympic Bronze medal and then a World Championships Silver Medal in Denmark. So after all of this I need some R&R and I’m going to visit Sidmouth with my family for some long overdue catch up time.

Beth: I love Autumn, it’s my favourite season. One of my favourite places to go is the woods on a cold sunny day when the leaves are changing colours.

What are your favourite Autumn activities?

Rob: I can’t wait to have a bonfire and fireworks in the garden with the kids.

Beth: After a lovely walk in the woods it has to be followed up with a cosy pub lunch.

Do you have a favourite food you like to eat in Autumn?

Rob: There is nothing I love more after a day of training on the water in the cold and wet than to warm up with a comforting bowl of Vegan Jaffa Orange , Carrot & Fennel Soup

Beth: My favourite food is soup – the Jaffa orange, carrot and fennel is the best.

*Note to selves: develop some more Jaffa soups!

This or that – quick fire round:

๐Ÿ‚ Spooky Autumn or Cosy Autumn?

Rob: Cosy Autumn (I’m scared of masks)

Beth: Cosy Autumn

๐Ÿ‚ Horror movie or Feel-Good movie?

Rob: Feel good (I’m still scared of masks)

Beth: Feel Good Movie

๐Ÿ‚ Jaffa Orange Popcorn or Jaffa cakes?

Rob: Jaffa cakes (because delicious)

Beth: Jaffa Cakes

๐Ÿ‚ Thick Jaffa Orange Hot Chocolate or Jaffa Punch?

Rob: Jaffa Punch (because its end of season and I get some down time ๐Ÿ˜œ)

Beth: Ooh, Hot Chocolate!

We have lots of recipes on the website for Autumnal foods after your day out so go and explore and tell us which are your favourites.

In the meantime, go and enjoy all that Autumn has to offer and keep us posted on what you get up to by tagging us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and make sure to spread some #JaffaJoy everywhere you go.