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Have a Jaffa Halloween!

It’s that spooky time of year again! 

The Jaffa team are big fans of Halloween. It’s a great excuse to get creative in so many ways, for all the fun activities, dressing up (obviously), and for the food. Even if you scare easily there are endless ways to enjoy Halloween in a slightly less terrifying way so we thought we would share our favourites. You may spot a bit of a theme but orange is one of the key colours of Halloween season so we are totally going to milk it.

Halloween Decorations

Think of Halloween and one of the first things you will think of is pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns. They are great fun and some of the designs you see are outstanding. FareShare UK is one of Jaffa’s partners so we are bound to encourage you to make use of the pumpkin flesh and use it to make a hearty soup (Pumpkin and orange go so well together!) or add to a tray of vegetables for roasting.

Carved halloween Jaffa orange with fruti salad

As an alternative to a carved pumpkin though, have you ever carved an orange? A carved orange is a really easy way to get creative for your Halloween table. Top tip is to carve your decoration into the orange first and then scoop out the orange flesh otherwise the orange skin can become too flimsy to carve. A creepy face is an obvious choice for your carving and a simple one to do, but the more creative and dexterous among you may have some other ideas which we would love to see!

When you have carved your orange, slice off the top, and then with a spoon, scoop out the orange flesh into a bowl. Keep the orange pieces and add to other fruit to make a fruit cocktail which can be served in your carved orange. Another idea is to use your carved orange as a tea light holder. Not only does it look very effective but the heat of the flame will warm the orange peel giving off a lovely orange scent. Be careful not to put the top of the orange back on though or the candle will burn it, not such an inviting aroma! For a child friendly version you can use a little LED tea light which is just as effective.

Halloween decorated Jaffa Easy Peeler oranges

Another idea if you aren’t so handy with a knife is to use marker pens to decorate Jaffa easy peelers. This is a fun activity for children as there is no right or wrong design. You can be as creative as you like, use black or white pens and pile them up as an edible centre piece for the table. Of course they look amazing but you and the children can eat them too!

Talking of eating…

Halloween treats

We all know how tasty and healthy Jaffa oranges and easy peelers are for your Halloween catering but you may want to get a bit more creative which we understand.

Jaffa easy peeler orange halloween pumpkins and banana ghosts
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Easiest treat of all? Peel those easy peelers, pop a pretzel stick or a sliver of celery on the top and what do you have? Mini orange pumpkins! Pair them up with some banana ghosts or lychee eyeballs and your guests will be queuing up for the healthiest snacks around.

Fancy something savoury? If you have scooped out your oranges and have some fruit left over, how about making this orange, carrot and fennel soup? It is lovely and warming after you have been trick or treating!

Another Jaffa favourite, which Tesco have adapted and featured on their recent magazine cover, is our Jaffa Orange Chocolate Brownies. Fun to make on a campfire, or in the oven, and oh so delicious. You can also bake them in carved oranges for maximum authenticity and fun but keep in mind that the mixture can seep out of the carved holes in the orange skin! 

Last little tip from us before you get your Halloween game on is to take the recipe for our Jaffa Bliss Balls, very healthy by the way, and instead of shaping them like balls, roll them out to look like fingers, add a sliver of almond for a nail and what do you have? The tastiest Witches Fingers you can imagine.

We know you are all extremely creative and will come up with lots more spooky ideas, so please do tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter in your posts so that we can enjoy them with you especially if you have ideas for a warming winter orange cocktail or mocktail! 

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