For the meringue:

• 5 large egg whites at room temperatures

• Cream of tartar

• 150g granulated sugar

For the orange curd:

• 150g granulated sugar

• 8 large egg yolks

• 2 tablespoons Jaffa orange zest, plus juice of two Jaffa oranges

• Juice of two Jaffa lemons

• Pinch of salt

For the topping:

• 1 tablespoon icing sugar

• 300ml whipping/double cream

• 50g white chocolate shavings


Step 1 - Preheat oven to 200°C, then trace a circle with a diameter of 10 inches onto greaseproof paper. Place paper onto a baking tray

Step 2 - In a large, clean bowl, beat the egg whites and a pinch of the cream of tartar until soft peaks form – this will take around 2 minutes using an electric hand whisk

Step 3 - Continue mixing, adding the sugar slowly and continue to beat until the whites are stiff and glossy, and all of the sugar has dissolved

Step 4 - Tip the meringue onto the pre-prepared baking tray, using a spatula to spread the mixture into the shape of the circle you traced earlier. Smooth off the top, and try to make the centre slightly concave (this will allow you to pile up the topping!)

Step 5 - Bake the meringue for two hours, then turn off the oven and let it cool completely in the oven for about 5 hours. Whilst cooking, it is vital that you don’t open the oven door!

Step 6 - Make the orange curd – in a medium saucepan off the heat, whisk the sugar, egg yolks and orange zest. Then whisk in the orange and lemon juices with a pinch of salt

Step 7 - Move the pan onto a medium-high heat, and whisk constantly until the mixture is thick and can coat the back of spoon. You’ll also see small bubbles around the edge of the pan after around 5 minutes – don’t let the mixture boil

Step 8 - Remove pan from the heat straightaway and continue to whisk. Then pour the mixture through a sieve into a clean bowl, then cover with cling film and refrigerate.

Step 9 - Finally, in a large bowl, mix together the cream and icing sugar until stiff peaks form (this will take around 3 minutes)

Step 10 - Remove the meringue from the cool oven, peel away the greaseproof paper and transfer it to a serving plate. Spoon some of your lovely orange curd onto the meringue, then top with the whipped cream and sprinkle over the white chocolate shavings

Step 11 - Serve and enjoy immediately!